About Authority Aquarium

Authority Aquarium was founded at the beginning of 2017 to provide a unique service for those looking for advice when it comes to keeping fish. We’re a team of marine biologists and aquarium enthusiasts. If you’d like to join our team, just shoot us a message!

We’d love to hire some experienced writers to help us or if someone wants to just expand their blogging efforts, or promote their own aquarium site with a guest post, then that’s ok too!

What makes us different?

Authority Aquarium isn’t a typical aquarium site, and we started because we were looking for genuine reviews and advice on the internet. What we found were a lot of spam sites, and sites that were clearly affiliate marketing sites written in broken english and with nothing about the owners.

You can find 100s of sites dedicated to aquarium fish filters (that’s literally all the site is about) ; and we thought that was a little off. We of course want to provide as much real and down to earth information as possible.

Our staff:


Chris is an experienced Marine Biologist with a BSc in Marine Biology. He has both a 100 gallon saltwater tank at home. That’s a fully saltwater reef, and it’s a ton of work!

Chris is our saltwater aquarium specialist for the site. He will be your authority resource here!


Richard is an environmental scientist and internet entrepreneur who loves the open ocean. While he specializes in the science of the ocean, at home he only has tropical tanks, in order to learn more about the lake and river fish that he doesn’t get to see often!

Richard is our freshwater aquarium specialist. He’ll be leading the freshwater aquarium content.

If you have any questions about the site, again please get in touch.


Maureen – Content Writer